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Most of the Internet is a deception wrapped in a myth inside a delusion used and believed by blithering idiots.
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"Social" Media Presence Gone

Having seen the light and realized the darkness of customer-surveillance websites masquerading as "free" social media platforms, my response is to vote with my mouse, clicking on "Delete Account."

Trashing Facebook avoids acting as an accomplice to customer surveillance, which is an essential element and effectively the very reason for Facebook's existence and financial success. I will no longer act as a Zuckerberg accomplice. His only interest is in amassing wealth on the backs of credulous "socially euphoric" victims from whom he collects information.

I suspect that Zuckerberg will not be wanting for such gullible victims any time soon, but I have decided not be part of his business model.

People who have only interacted with me on Facebook but need or want to contact me might already know how to do that (just send e-mail or call me). If you don't know, ask someone who does or search on William Lise.

Content Thieves in China and Elsewhere

Having been the victim of, inter alia:
  • a number of Chinese translation brokers who stole content from my corporate website several times (including once very recently) and
  • a thief, possibly in the US with a purported name I cannot verify, who stole outright (as opposed to linked to) a substantial video from my website and posted it as his own content on a page on Facebook (without so much as attribution; a politely worded notification that I realized what he did being ignored, of course),

I no longer have any interest in donating to thieves easily stealable content such as noted above (and such I am currently planning with regard to a number of personal projects),

That said,

  • because I basically trust colleague translators (none of the above-noted thefts were by practicing translators) and
  • because the chances of a fellow translator getting away with a theft of my content due to anonymity are still quite slim,

I will continue to write about translation here.

That said, if I find that someone has publishe content from here elsewhere without my permission, they would be well-advised to be careful to maintain their anonymity and location, because If I learn of their identity, they may very well live to regret their transgression, having placed yourself in the path of rage that you could not imagine. I mean business.