Jack is now either in London or Paris.

What don't I understand?

I really trust his ability.

I don't want to burden you with my problems.

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Where did you go to school?

Don't compare yourself with your brother because he's a better man than you.

What now, you wretch? You thinking of protecting her?

I should've warned Vincent.

I'd be curious to know what Bruce has to say.


I'm not as young as I used to be.


It is an ancient, popular and traditional festival.


Sprinkle sugar on when they are baked.

Linda lectured Rita about what men like in women.

I'd like to offer a proposal.


She need not have owned up to her faults.

These are perfect.

I'm going to have to tell her.

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My house stands within easy access of the railroad station.


Who could melt that stone heart of yours?


The octopus wrapped itself around its prey.


My grandmother said "After rain follws sunshine." She was always optimistic.


It's just how things work.

I still have to buy your book.

I'd like a word with you.


Vickie is an art dealer.

I don't drink all that much beer.

We never know why we die.


Lemons grow on lemon trees and oranges on orange trees.

There's nothing wrong with renting.

It turned out that he had long been dead.

This is a killing machine.

You have the freedom to travel wherever you like.

Maybe I fooled them.

The industrialist found a wealthy financier to help him weather the storm which was inevitable.

They developed a special computer system and fixed it to his wheelchair.

I was 13 at the time.

The New Horizons spacecraft was launched in 2006, and will arrive at Pluto in 2015. It will be the first spacecraft to visit that very distant dwarf planet.

Don't make light of life.


I hope that you'll come back.

Is Jagath getting enough to eat?

I don't plan to change that.

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Heroes don't die. Only bad guys do.


Stop fooling around and help me pick this mess up!

I already knew that she had become engaged.

I would rather starve than work under him.

Whose son is Pat?

Tracey won't help you.

I asked Raman if dinner was ready.

Keep her away from me.

Sridharan is proud of himself.

My mother baked a cake for my birthday.

It was my first kiss.

You need to change with the times.


Their contract is to run out at the end of this month.

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There is a discrepancy of 145 dollars in my June credit card statement.

Is it just me, or is Tatoeba extremely slow today?

You realize Root lives in Boston now, right?

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Vijay has been good to us.

You've defeated me.

He likes to play hardball with people.

You're emotional.

Rajiv always looks a bit pale.


That used to mean a lot to me.

The doctor gave him four stitches.

Courtney is still complaining.

I was just going to call you.

They reached the mountain proper.

Antonella turned around and looked at Lui.

She learns Chinese too.


Do you want that? If so, I'll buy it for you.

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It's just a guess.

We must get some.

He can handle English well.

Nadeem didn't answer me.

Sugih types better than David does.


And then very strange things began to happen.


We'll try to answer all those questions later.


Naomi's helping.

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Why do I accept to write letters?

Wherever you are, we'll provide a comfortable work environment.

I don't want anyone to panic.


It's touch and go.

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I thought that was your job.

I didn't recognize him at first.

Japan is now very different from what it was twenty years ago.

She practices playing the piano regularly.

I entirely approve of what you say.


Educators should respect learners' mother tongue.

Blayne's had numerous opportunities to set the record straight.

My name is not Ilya.

That seems clear.

Dan saw Linda with another man.

Linux Deepin is another wonderful Linux distribution.

I need you to help me move this bookcase.

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He is an angry drunk.

Let's make the most of it.

The train arrived safely at the station a few minutes ago.

They finished building the bridge on time.

Soohong got up and walked into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee.

You ought to blame yourself, not the others, for the failure.

Julius was a trusted friend.

I'll do what I can, Stu.

You can't expect much sympathy from Sri.


He works as a teacher, but actually he is a spy.

Claude told me what was happening there.

I could not refuse.

We can definitely do it.

He did not have enough money.

Can anyone explain this to me?

We were together for a long time.

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Is it really true?!

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I think Gideon will help us.

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Sedat handed Jean a blue folder.

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She doesn't even speak her own language well, let alone French.

They didn't mean anything to him.

Have you ever known them to come on time?


I'm not comfortable discussing this.

We were filled with anger against the murderer.

I have a big house.

The thief was bound hand and foot.

I can't tell you how worried I've been.


His ideas are too extreme for me.

Don't look at me like that.

We've been wondering where you've been.


We would like you to come to our party.


Their parents were farmers.


The silence in the library was disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone.

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He was looking at the sky.


I had to go home and change clothes.


It works like a dream.


Today, one of every seven people in Western Europe is classified as elderly.

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The electric things have their life too. Paltry as those lives are.


I like both plays in our anthology very much.

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I think that's horrible.


I know that you hate each other, but you need to work together, you're on the same team.

It's down that street, on the left.

Chet told Pria that she looked like Marilyn Monroe.


I'm not able to make clear how I am feeling.

He frankly expressed his own view.

Anyone who uses or works with Esperanto is an Esperantist, and every Esperantist has the right to consider their language a simple medium for international comprehension.

I just need to sit down.

"Where are your books?" "They are on the desk."


Dan lives in London with his second wife and their two children.

I want to make a complaint.

Let's go somewhere, Cory.

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Before this, I worked as a cab driver.

I guess you talked to her.

I can't make it.

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What was it like when you were young?