I need to do that.

It's hard to surprise him.

Tuna didn't know what to do with all the money he'd found.

In all cases, love is perseverance.


I had an ectopic pregnancy two years ago.


The poet committed suicide in his study.

We can't choose who our parents are.

She got married and had kids.


Don't expect any miracles.


He cut off a piece of meat.

Doing exercises to strengthen one's peripheral vision is recommended for those interested in learning how to speed read.

I hope I can levitate one day.

What's your status, Michael?

I think Winston is trustworthy.


She's our teacher.

They went along and along, but they couldn't seem to find just the right place.

Let's continue this discussion after lunch.

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Is it OK to feed my dog lettuce?

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I'll make an exception in your case.

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Debbie is dating two different guys at the same time.


He's not the greatest at math.


What a dick!


The Amazon is the second longest river in the world, next to the Nile.


He declared that the earth goes round the sun.

King Ahasuerus loved Esther.

He was taught English by a non-native English teacher.

Rajarshi killed someone in self-defense.

I don't know what I'm going to do now.

Somebody, help me, please.

You must be out of your mind.


It's easy enough once you figure out the trick.

I couldn't make a decision for a long time.

Tell them that everyone is here.

In an unusual move, this school's big band uses slide trumpets and valve trombones exclusively.

Ti gave Jeffie a diamond bracelet for their wedding anniversary.


You'll become a father.

Markku has helped me in many ways.

Jerrie did something wrong.

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I don't even know why I'm here.


Vladimir and his team are ready.

I told you what Dave said.

Police arrested the kidnapper.

Man differs from animals in that he can think and speak.

How do they want to receive their money?

Eddie has cut down on drinking.

The unicorn is a fabulous monster.

The lion is an animal.

I've never heard you complain.

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Sanjay thinks martial arts are silly.


Where is my beer?


The gave Marguerite a present.

If we'd followed Roger's advice, we wouldn't be having this problem now.

Was I not supposed to be doing that?

We're going to Hell in a handbasket.

There are disadvantages to being pretty.

What is it that you want to achieve, whatever it takes, before you die?

You have to talk to me.

Let me make something perfectly clear.

No man is without his faults.


Our team is gaining ground.


Give me the cup of coffee!

How come Luis isn't making lunch?

Give me a break, would you?


I enjoyed it a great deal.

How much is this? Four Euros please.

Did you send the fax already?

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Is it true that Hungarians hate the number seven?

Doing exercises to strengthen one's peripheral vision is recommended for those interested in learning how to speed read.

That's what I was going to say.

A damp, cold day affects a person's health.

I want you to wear that new hat I bought for you.


It's for that reason that I phoned him.


You were the last person to see Winnie.

They lied about taking the money.

Tigger couldn't do it, but Lorenzo could.

Why does that keep happening?

Drill little holes into my eyelids that I might see you when I sleep

Manny knew what Barrett meant.

No one's getting past us.

I'm in the middle of packing my stuffs.

School will open on Monday.

Tim grew up in a small town in Australia.

Won't you give me something cold to drink?


Abraham then arose in the same night, and went with two servants to the distant land, together with Isaac, riding on donkeys.

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Jessie urged the little donkey forward.

Nothing is more valuable than health.

The mistake hastened his retirement.

This is a Japanese doll.

Above all, you must help each other.

I live within 200 meters of the station.

How big a discount did you get?

Who doesn't do that?

Casper treats me very nice.

The number of errors of fact in Arendt's book are considerably fewer than Abel implies.

Stop swearing, please.

Since you're a member of this sports club, you'll have to conform to its rules.

I hear that Earle really likes living in Boston.

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Not all people are evil bastards.

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I'm sorry to hear that you all lost power.

Who messed with my wallet?

The doesn't think Erwin would do what you said she did.

I was told to wait for a while.

Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.

That girl whose hair is long is Judy.

There were neither flowers nor trees in the streets of his city.

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Cindie frowned to himself.

Stay with them.

Olof tried to hold back his tears.


Losing my daughter has taken away my will to live.

Thai people call their country's capital Krung Thep. If you translate this it means 'City of Angels'.

Give it to us.

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Marilyn Monroe died when she was 36 years old.

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I suggest you let me go.

Randolph, we'll begin with you.

What's the difference between an owl and a barn owl?

The train leaves Tokyo Station at 7.

You should be careful with a knife.

I wish I had brought my computer.

Did you get any rest?

Herve doesn't like skipping rope.

What do you want to do in the future?

I'm going to teach you a lesson.

Stop whatever it is you are doing and listen to me for once, dammit!

You've got a cute friend.

Do you want some pancakes?

I will visit my uncle in Kyoto this summer.

Kyu is dying to see what's inside this box.

I'd like to climb Mt. Fuji once again.

We're very busy.

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Marshall stole money from me.

Steve whistled.

I don't want to trouble you.

What has become of her son?

You are old enough to stand on your own feet.

Patricia announced his resignation yesterday.

Hurf's favorite thing to do was cooking.

Olivier went surfing.

He is Taro's older brother.

He shouted defiance at me.

The motorway was closed due to a major accident.

I was born in 1982 in Athens, where I still live today.

Edwin and Ann are still very busy.

I don't like to wear nail polish.

Their job is to bake bread.

You didn't give Carter a chance.

He did what he had been told.


Do you know who killed him?

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

Be healed right now!

We still have a ways to go.

Why don't you reply to my message?

The plane was delayed for two hours on account of the bad weather.

The wind was blowing the day before yesterday.

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Get yourself together.

Irving treated me like a brother.

You don't have to worry about her anymore.

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This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

She ordered one.

Lander assumes that rioting and gang behavior are a result of poverty and poor economic conditions.

I strongly agree with you.

That's an exact measurement.

The basis of our government being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

Somebody should do something.